The Pomegranate

This is a picture from my basket of pomegranates. I keep them on my kitchen table. We sit around as a family, sharing our day, laughing and seeing who can gather the most seeds in a bowl. This sure replaces sitting on the couch eating chips.

When I am alone the process of eating a pomegranate helps me be mindful. I consider this a form of meditation and appreciate.  I take my time with the fruit, enjoy the rich color. I’ll bring a seed up to the light to see how it radiates, reminding me of a precious gem, I give grace. Each seed exploding a small amount of concentrated, flavor, in my mouth, only begging me to eat more.  The process of mindfulness paired with gratefulness and experiential pleasure has tremendous emotional and physical health benefits

4 thoughts on “The Pomegranate

  1. Please dry the pomegranate skin instead of throwing it away. Dry them in the sun, and once dried, cut in strips and bottle them up. When you or guests may have a tummy upset or discomfort, take a small strip and infuse in hot water. Drink it plain. We’ve had this first aid recipe as I was growing up. Asian infusion 🙂 Bon appétit

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