Attention Disorder? Who is in Charge of Your Child’s Health?

When I saw this story my heart sank. It is vital to take an active role in our own and in our children’s health care. Integration means using our “mind” first and then utilizing the resources that surround us. We need to question both ourselves and our health professionals about all alternatives.

What happens when we put so much value into competition and no value into individuality?

We are moving towards an integrative world with abundant resources. Let’s help those who may not have these resources. I ask that we take part in moving forward and not backwards.

Adderall has side effects and is addictive. It has shown to help children who may be struggling with ADD, however, even under diagnosed circumstances requires  a multidisciplinary approach.

Are the effects of Adderrall satisfying our ego? Who and what comes first in our lives? Being informed and knowing the answers to these questions helps us focus and adjust the priorities in our lives.


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