Music, Dance, Laughter: Zumba and Gangnam Style?

As I was driving to my weekly Zumba class, my thoughts were already passing my speed.  Class begins and I’m still stuck in my head.  As the music revs up my thoughts slow down.  I reached a point were nothing existed but the dance.
Suddenly the instructor puts on Gangnam Style which he fused with Zumba.  I started to laugh so hard I couldn’t contain myself. As I began to roar in laughter and dancing like I don’t know what, I looked around me and noticed I was not alone. The room packed with every age, race and gender. All of us synchronized in laughter and elation.  All of  us ONE. Nothing mattered.
The joy, the jumping, the expressions priceless. We were ageless and in the moment.  I imagined the room with mothers, fathers, grandmothers, wives….
Stress gone and living in the moment.
Our bodies were jumping high and our spirits were free.
Laughter is internal jogging. To listen to music, to dance, to laugh and be together with others?  Priceless!
As we listen to the news and we see so much divide, remember that we all are one.  We all have our problems but we also share the same desires.
As we watch the debates tonight keep your hearts open and respect each other’s differences.  By the end of the day we all have the same needs.
Somehow, someway, we are all adults in suites during the day but turn on the music and our true selves emerge.
After a long, suited and stressful day, head to your nearest dance class or turn on the music in your home. Dance in a group, dance with your family, dance alone.
Research shows that music,  dance and laughter  are healing.
Finally I must quote Zorba “To dance is to live”!

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