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I am so pleased to see our nation moving closer to an integrative approach for health care. Utilizing the best of what the world has to offer and providing individualized care is a big step in the right direction. Why not use the best of what the world has to offer. We live on a planet with such rich, history. Family traditions past on to us from our ancestors. We also live on a planet that has such modern marvels. Huge steps in modern medicine. Combining the past and the present improves all our options.


Their is no one right or wrong way. Integrative medicine utilizes all of this, Allopathic, Complimentary, Preventative and Alternative methods as needed for personalized care.   The core of Integrative Medicine and Integrative Psychotherapy is being mindful.  Staying present, in the NOW allows us to choose what is best in any situation. It keeps us in the moment without our minds drifting into stressful and irrational fears of what could be. Practicing mindfulness allows us to make the best choices and solve problems.


When visiting your primary care provider, come prepared with questions. Take charge of your health. Make sure to ask if there are any other options to your treatment. Ask if there are non-pharmaceutical alternatives. It is important that you let your doctor know if and what over the counter medications or supplements you are taking. I will be posting integrative information, suggestions and stories to enhance awareness and wellness.


I look forward in hearing your stories and questions .


Wishing you a healthy and creative life!


Dr. Katerina Rozakis-Trani



 – Insight for Wellness.


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