Hibernation is Approaching: A Time to Rest and Reflect

As the days are getting shorter and cooler, do you find yourself getting sleepy? We are approaching hibernation mode. This is a time to restore, relax and reflect. If you are feeling cavernous, listen to the messages your body is sending you. Every season has its purpose. When we allow our minds and bodies to rest, we are at peace and can make better decisions for our lives.

There are reasons why we react different during the changing seasons. Keep balanced with the seasons. A balanced lifestyle promotes health and wellness.


2 thoughts on “Hibernation is Approaching: A Time to Rest and Reflect

    • Hi caryllelliott.
      Thanks for joining and reading my blogs:)
      Keeping everything in balance is key.
      For example taking that cat nap or getting to bed a little earlier or sleeping in till sunrise.
      Hibernation occurs during the darkest hours of the year.
      There is research that links poor sleep to weight gain.
      Also, the questions is, how much weight gain?
      Most of us tend to add a little weight in the winter and loose weight in the summer. This may be natures way of keeping us warm for survival.
      During Hibernation months we need to be eating mor legumes which are high in protein and fiber.
      Most of us are still eating to many carbs.
      The combo of eating with the seasons and sleeping with the seasons may help.
      Our bodies are still adjusting to modern technology.

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