We make love shapes with our hands and write love in the sand. We say “I love you” and long for its’ reply. A gentle stroke on the cheek, petting softly ones hair, a smile, a kind word. We all need it like a plant needs water. Without it we wither and die.
Self love is as important and connected to receiving love. It starts with the self but we do not live alone. We seek it for survival. When we lack it sadness can set in. Lack of self love is like drinking water from an empty glass. You bring the glass to your lips and your thirst is never quenched. Fill your cup with the light of inner love. This light is your juice. It powers you with energy and allows you to see love in others like the reflection on still, calm waters your self love bounces back at you. When you BE love, you SEE love and therefore you GET love.


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