How to Love on Valentines Day

We Don’t Get Love, We Are Love.

Love exists inside us and pulses out of our entire being. When we love ourselves others feel this wonderful energy and want to be around us. When we give love and open to receive love we are in bliss. This can happen by staying mindful and in the present moment. Being grateful and loving the simple things in life and the notion of just being.

Today is the day to have No Desires, No Expectations, No Personalizations No Judgements and No Self Criticism. It is a day for us to share our inner most greatest power "LOVE".

Feed yourselves with goodness. Take time and take care of your needs before you attempt to do this for others. Do not expect others to do this for you. Expectations are a sure formula for feeling hurt. Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised with the smallest of gestures.
Feeding yourself first starts with your inner dialogue. Listen to the words you are saying in your head. You have the power to change any negatives thoughts into positive thoughts. The secret is awareness. Once you catch yourself in thought, speak to yourself as if you were talking to the most wonderful, loving person in the world.

If you Feed yourself with Love you will be full and your cup will overflow. Others will want to drink from your cup and THIS "Sharing" makes Love so special.

Today, open your Chest wide and release your full heart to give and allow yourself to receive love in abundance! When you are with others, especially your children, stop your inner thoughts, slow down the “monkey brain” and pay attention to what is in front of you. Don't think about what others can give you but what you are giving them. Look deep into their eyes, breath deep, feel and see the love coming right back at you.

I choose to use The Gods and Goddesses as metaphors.
The Goddess takes care of her needs. She loves herself and therefore she is powerful. She is confident as she is full , standing tall, she shines with glistening armor.

Happy Valentines Day!

Dr. Katerina (AKA: Dr. Love)
"Think Beautiful to Be Beautiful"



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