How many hours do you sleep?
Sleeping deep and long at night is vital for good health, focus, concentration, memory and happiness.
Many emotional and stress related illnesses can be traced to poor or inadequate sleep patterns.
At Insight for Wellness Center we see many anxiety and depression related problems traced back to poor sleep habits.
At our Center we use an eclectic approach to include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), BrainTap Technology (seen in picture below), Progressive Relaxation/Guided Meditation and a Sleep Hygiene program.
Unfortunate many people rely solely on medication or self medicate with alcohol.
Alcohol may put you to sleep but studies have shown that it causes disrupted sleep and can lead to depression and dependence.
If you are experiencing challenges with sleep, anxiety or depression, start by keeping a sleep log and seek help. A sleep log will help your therapist understand your pattern.
Slow down the aging process, improve your health, improve your looks, get energized and improve your desire for intimacy all with a deep and regular sleep pattern.



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