About Dr. Katerina Rozakis

“If you can’t tell me how you feel, can I, at least, swaddle you?”

Natural Health Educator, Ph.D.

Integrative Psychotherapist, LCSW,

Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, BCIM

Certified Diplomate in Psychotherapy, DAPA

Inventor of the US Swaddle Blanket

Mother, wife, daughter, sister, citizen of the world

I love people and life. Optomism is my middle name. Inspiring others to succeed is my goal and educating is my tool. My nick name is Kat and curiosity has not killed me but made me grow and thrive!

I have several passions. One of which is integration. Starting with the mind for awareness and health conscious decision making. I love to inspire other’s to be creative and find their purpose in life.

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